Who’s Coming

Even at this early stage the following people have said they are joining us (or are most likely to join us). It’s going to be amazing!

Once you let me know you are coming we’ll add you to the list too!

Cosmin Chindris, Romania, The KPI Institute

Dean De St. Croix, Canada, De St. Croix & Associates

Sjaak Pappe, Netherlands, Itim International

John Kubiniec, Poland, Klos Training

Perry Lam, Korea & Hong Kong, Lam Institute

Chris Meyer, Germany, Ancora Management Consulting

Bob Morley, USA, Arbinger

Terry Netto, Malaysia, The Case Maker & People Potential

Suzy McLellan, USA, de Bono Thinking Systems

Susan Basterfield, New Zealand, Enspiral

Terence Traut, USA, Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, Canada, Spark Engagement

David Lambert, Hong Kong, IOWEU International

Ken Everett, Australia, N2N Hub

Rebecca Chalmers, United Kingdom, Chalmers International and McQuaig

Iain Chalmers, United Kingdom, Chalmers International and McQuaig

Shawn Callahan, Australia, Anecdote

Peter Everett, Australia, N2N Hub

Peter Frampton, Switzerland, Colour Accounting

Amos Beer, United Kingdom, N.E.W.S. Navigation

Clive & Cath Lewis, United Kingdom, Illumine

Simon Geoghegan, Canada, Epiphany Coaches

Florent Buiron, France, Team Potential

Laura Klos Sokol, Poland, Klos Training

Hywel Thomas, Belgium, Businessfruit

Eric Leape, Australia, Berrico