A few stories to help warm us up for our get together in Amsterdam…

Simon Geoghegan’s story (February 2016):

Thank you both for opening up and sharing the N2N network with me. I believed N2N to be a powerful model for connecting, but seeing it in real time was incredible. As you saw, there were numerous responses for my request for an executive coach in Japan. I am still following up on these and setting up introductions, but one of the referrals already looks very promising! Roshini Ganesan introduced me to Keiko Shinohara in Hong Kong. Keiko is a very experienced multi-lingual and multi-cultural coach who shares many values with us. We are moving forward to create a partnership and share work!
I am grateful for your generosity as well as the many people who responded from N2N. I hope to have an opportunity to reciprocate.


Mark Schenk and Jon Gornstein’s story:

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Fort Canning Hotel in Singapore for my first experience of an N2N conference. It was December 2013, and not surprisingly the weather was warm and wet. Thankfully the beer was cold.

I met a bunch of people who were very generous with their time and knowledge. The event gave me confidence that our (Anecdote) business model was on the right track.

The event also contributed to one of our key strategies – expanding our network of partners for our signature program, Storytelling for Leaders. Over a beer (there’s a theme developing here) Hywel Thomas expressed interest and at his home in Brussels in early April 2014 we signed a partnership agreement and delivered the workshop for one of his big clients.

At the N2N conference I also met Jon Gornstein, President of Persona Global. Together with Mark Robillard, we quickly became known as the ‘Men in Black’. The photo below is self-explanatory. In the months following the N2N conference, Jon and I had many discussions about distributing the Storytelling for Leaders Program through Persona Global. In May 2014 we signed the distribution agreement and in September that year I was in Copenhagen to certify six Persona Global partners to deliver our storytelling program. It was the start of a valuable partnership, one that has grown each year since!

The tangible benefit from attending the N2N conference is obvious. But the thing I like most is the quality of the people. It’s been a pleasure working with Hywel and Jon and I’m looking forward to renewing acquaintances and meeting new people at the next get together.

men in black


Jacqueline, Michael, and Magdalene’s story:

You’d have to be mad to go a meeting (with no agenda) on the other side of the world!

Well….maybe, and maybe not….

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson (J-T) is the hub of PassionWorks & Spark Engagement.
In 2013 she travelled from Canada to Singapore for N2N 2013.
It took 20+ hours!

Michael Morgan (MM) is the hub of the Herrmann network in Asia/Pacific.
He travelled from Australia.
It took 10 hours.

Magdalene Sik (MS), who represents both, came from Singapore.
It took her 10 minutes!

Over lunch at N2N 2013 the three of them met, and decided to co-develop a new product.
It’s for the hot issue of Engagement.
In a nice collaboration, it will be sold by both networks.

Says J-T: “We’d thought about this before, but It wasn’t until we were all in one place that we made the decision. It’s different being face-to-face.”

If you happen be at N2N2016, there’s a good chance you’ll see J-T, MM and maybe MS lunching together, again!


Ken’s story:

We were asked the other day: What are the benefits from N2N?

Good question, with many answers…because our situations are all different.

We moved the family to London in the freezing cold January of 1998. We were excited, and ready to ‘conquer Europe’. Bought a house, a car, found a school for Mariko…and then flew back to Singapore to run a workshop….every 6 to 8 weeks!

After a year, I had lots of frequent flyer points, an unhappy daughter, and no local network. As for customers? Some London City types weren’t all that impressed with a foreigner, whose best reference accounts were Asian. New ideas are meant to flow the other way: to the colonies, not from them!

As a family we discussed going home to the warm weather. But one old friend said: “Keep doing what worked in the past.” When I thought about that, what had always worked were warm introductions from colleagues.

So, I asked all my N2N friends for help. An Australian, part of the de Bono network, introduced me to a de Bono distributor in London. Via them I met Ric White and two other distributors. Seventeen years later all are still Think on Your Feet® partners.

We stayed on, found Mariko a happier school, made great friends in France, Germany, Italy, Moscow, and more. Personally, our investment in UK real estate worked, which allowed us to buy our lovely little property in Italy.

Those N2N introductions changed our lives, literally.

In over 25 years of business we’ve introduced Think on Your Feet® to 30+ countries.

Of these, 60% were via introductions from N2N colleagues.

Does that answer the question about N2N benefits? Well, it does for me.

What’s your N2N story?