Agenda, Attendance & Where to Stay


Friday October 7: Local area walking tour & on to dinner – starts at 5.00pm

Saturday October 8: Start 9am. Finish 5pm. Plus dinner.

Sunday October 9: Start 9am. Finish 5pm. Casual dinner for those people still in town.


N2N 2016 Meeting attendance:

  • EURO 900 (approx. USD$995)  for the first person in each product network
  • EURO 750 (approx. USD$830) per extra person from the same product network

Meals (breakfasts & dinners) and drinks: pay as you go. (Or we can invoice you after the event for your share.)

Accommodation: pay as you go.

To book your spot email us.

Where to Stay

We’re trying something different this year, allowing you to stay where you want! We’ve chosen a meeting venue that is independent of any hotels. That means you’ll need to find and book your own accommodation.

Want some help? We are very happy to get on Skype, or email, and help you out.

What do you prefer? Hotel? Apartment? Airbnb? Ken, Akiko & Peter will be staying in an apartment nearby, booking via Airbnb. Do you want to buddy up with someone who is coming and share an apartment?

Our meeting venue is here:


If hotels are your choice, there are many within a 20 minute walk. Try this google maps link to show you hotel options nearby.

Remember, Amsterdam is pretty easy to get around. The tram system is very efficient (and fun). Or you can walk or cycle!

Some hotel suggestions:

  • The Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel
  • The Dylan
  • Canal House
  • Hotel JL No.76
  • Hotel 717
  • plus lots more if you search around